Your Situation

Whether you're just starting out or been trying for a while, it's important to remember the emotions, worries and thoughts you experience are valid and common. You are not alone.

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Trying for a while?

Are you starting to worry about how long it's taking you to get pregnant? Genea gives you a 40% better chance*.


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*Than the average of other clinics combined, according to analysis of the latest available data (2011) released August 2013 from the Australian & NZ Assisted Reproductive Database.

Exploring options?

Need a second opinion? 7 out of 10 people** whose IVF failed at another clinic had a baby under Genea's care.

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** A study of a subset of Genea’s non-PGD patients whose first OPU was in 2010-11 and with success achieved in a cycle commenced prior to 30 June 2013.