Orange 2014 Clinic Dates

3 - 16 February

31 March - 13 April

16 - 29 June

18 - 31 August

13- 26 October

24 November - 7 December


About the Clinic

Genea Orange was the first regional IVF clinic in NSW and is the only clinic of its kind in the Central West, providing specialised fertility services to couples from regional and more remote areas. Our nurses are located at 3 Hampden Avenue and your procedures are conducted at Dudley Private Hospital. Our day surgery unit at Dudley Private Hospital has the resources and equipment for all assisted reproduction procedures including egg pick-up and embryo transfer.

Our labs at Genea Orange are located in the Dudley Private Hospital right alongside the day surgery where you will have your procedures including egg pick-up and embryo transfer, so your precious eggs, sperm and embryos don’t have to travel either. Our scientists and embryologists use world leading technologies for IVF, sperm function testing, genetic diagnosis including PGD and specialised IVF procedures such as ICSI, assisted hatching and embryo biopsy. Egg, sperm and embryo freezing and cryostorage are also available.

Please note, the rooms of Genea specialists may be located at a different address. For further information on their location, please view our specialists page.

Morning Clinic

Your Genea nurse coordinator will let you know the times and locations for your blood tests, ultrasounds and collection of medications. You can call the Orange Nurses on 02 6362 0530.

Monitoring centres for Genea Orange

Orange Monitoring Locations Ultrasounds Blood Collection
Pittwater Radiology Partners
Diagnostic Imaging
117 Bentinck Street
Ph: 02 6331 3200
Barratt & Smith Pathology
193 Russell Street
Mon-Fri  7.30 - 5.00pm 
Ph: 02 6331 2572
Barratt & Smith Pathology
Healthone   1-3 Osman Street
Ph: 02 6368 9304
Cobar Primary Health Care Centre
26 Harcourt Street
Ph: 02 6836 2913
Condobolin Community Health
Madline Street
Contact Nurse Practiitioner for appointment
Ph: 02 6890 1538
Condobolin Community Health
Madline Street
Contact Nurse Practiitioner for appointment
Ph: 02 6890 1538
Cowra Diagnostic Imaging
63a Kendall Street
Ph: 02 6342 4125
Barratt & Smith Pathology
165 Kendall Street
Ph: 02 6341 2511
Orana Radiology
168 Brisbane Street
Ph: 02 6841 0700
Barratt & Smith Pathology
223a Darling Street
Ph: 02 6826 5454
Forbes District Hospital
Medical Imaging
Elgin Street
Ph: 02 6850 2122
Barratt & Smith Pathology
Forbes Medical Centre
4-6 Elgin Street
Ph: 02 6852 1285
Barratt & Smith Pathology
Shop 2   83 Main Street
Ph: 02 6351 4491
Mudgee Radiology
145 Church Street
Ph: 02 6372 6544
Barratt & Smith Pathology
Mudgee South Medical Centre
9 Oporto Road
Ph: 02 6372 0770
Central West Radiology
83 Dalton Street
Ph: 02 6362 1467
Barratt & Smith Pathology
Bluestone Hall  257 Anson Street
Ph: 02 6362 0637
Barratt & Smith Pathology
333 - 335 Clarinda Street
Ph: 02 6862 2866
Barratt & Smith Pathology
61 Currajong Street
Ph: 02 6862 4745
Wagga Wagga
Regional Imaging Riverina
36 Hardy Avenue
Ph: 02 6932 1300
Barratt & Smith Pathology
St Gerard's Wing Calvary Hospital
Hardy Avenue
Ph: 02 6932 6700
Young Diagnostic Imaging
4/44 Boorowa Street
Ph: 02 6382 6901
Kirkwood Laverty Pathology
15 Boorowa Street
Ph: 02 6382 1212

Services Offered

Service Available
Day Surgery Work with external day surgery
Andrology Yes (Sessional availability)
Bloods Local external provider
Scans Local external provider
PGD Not locally, travel to other Genea site
Diagnostic Surgery At external day surgery
Holistic Services No


Doctors at this clinic

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