IVF and Fertility Treatment Costs

Choosing the right fertility clinic is a big and important decision and we understand that price is a factor. When comparing the cost of IVF, it’s imperative that you research which clinic will give you the best chance of taking home a healthy baby.

Put simply, the quicker you achieve a pregnancy, the less expensive treatment will be and that's where Genea’s world leading science plays a critical role.

When reviewing costs, you need to consider this;

  • Genea patients have a 40% greater chance of taking home a healthy baby than the average of all other clinics in Australia and New Zealand combined.*
  • A review of our patients over the past three years showed 60 per cent of them took home a healthy baby and 96 per cent of those who were successful conceived within three egg collections or less.**

You get what you pay for

We are very upfront about our costs and are happy to talk them through with you. Come in and have an obligation free chat with Genea’s Fertility Advisor Felicity, who will take you through the figures so you can consider what is best for you.

Genea Treatment costs are made up of the components shown below. It is worth noting, Genea doesn’t require an upfront payment. We won’t process any payments until after your procedure, whether you are paying by credit card or direct from a bank account.

Pre-treatment costs
IVF cycle costs
Day surgery costs
Additional science costs
Payment and rebate information 
Contracted Health Funds
Ask Felicity

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* Than the average of other clinics combined, according to analysis of the latest available data (2011) released August 2013 from the Australian & New Zealand  Assisted Reproductive Database (ANZARD data).
** A study of a subset of Genea’s non-PGD patients whose first OPU was in 2010-11 and with success achieved in a cycle commenced prior to 30 June 2013.