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IVF Success Rates - why we believe it's important you know them

A media program was aired recently to discuss IVF success rates and whether or not fertility clinics should be allowed to share them publicly. Genea is mentioned because of the way we explain our success rates both on their own and in comparison to the average of all other Australian and New Zealand clinics.

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Tackling a male taboo – talking fertility

When it comes to fertility, men often like to turn a blind eye to it, almost like if they ignore it, it doesn't exist. In this blog I seek to begin the process of normalising the conversation. Come, take part.

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Top 5 questions asked of our Fertility GP

There are questions you undoubtedly have, which you feel are too hard to ask, or which you are embarrassed to ask. However, as a Fertility GP, I hear them all the time. Here are my top 5.

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The Cost of cut price IVF

Cost is obviously an important factor for many couples considering undergoing IVF treatment. Learn more about the factors you need to consider when choosing a fertility clinic.

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Top 5 IVF frustrations

As an IVF nurse at Genea, Vanessa has heard many questions. Here she relates the top 5 frustrations she constantly hears with suggestions for how you might deal with them.

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IVF treatment - Is that medicine safe to take?

A number of medications that we take for granted for colds, flu or infections can interact with the drugs our patients take for IVF treatment making them less effective and possibly leading to poor egg quality or to cause other issues which are not favourable to their IVF treatment. But...

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Dr Devora Lieberman on Egg Freezing

Egg freezing is a hot topic but how many of us understand what's really involved? Dr Devora Lieberman appeared on TV twice last week to explain the procedure.

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Ovulation and Fertility Explained

This week, Wendy runs through a 101 on ovulation. Everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask, or just not sure about.

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The 2 week wait

Many people describe the journey of IVF treatment as a never ending roller coaster ride, filled with heart stopping peaks and troughs of emotion. And in what is all undoubtedly a challenging period, the time after your embryo transfer and before you can take a pregnancy test can be one of the worst.

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Trying to conceive – can a pill help me get pregnant?

You’ve been trying to fall pregnant the old fashioned way for six months to a year, but have had no luck. Your social circle are starting to announce their pregnancies around you and they are all declaring it was simple, or all they did was take a simple tablet and voila, they were pregnant. Could the answer...

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Give your body the right fuel to increase fertility

As an Accredited Practising Dietitian, 12WBT's Lisa Donaldson has worked with many couples trying to conceive. Often they are looking for some sort of elusive superfood to eat, to act as a magic bullet to fall pregnant. In this latest guest blog...

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Decisions on fertility

One of Genea’s Marketing Team has taken the time to share her personal thought process about fertility. Her honest and open explanation shows that even with all of the best research and information at her fingertips, fertility and the question about when to start a family...

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