• Male testing - Sperm: Here’s the down-low

    16 Oct 2014 0 Comments By Hamish Anderson

    Did you know that 40% of infertility problems in society are male factor related? Despite that more often than not (much more often in fact), it's the female who reaches out first for help when in fact a simple sperm test could save your partner many of these procedures, and both of you a lot of time?

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  • Fertility and Food

    10 Oct 2014 3 Comments By Natasha Andreadis

    Are foodie fashion trends such as I Quit Sugar, Pete Evan's Paleo or the 5:2 diet the right way to go? Learn more about food for fertility - what to eat when you're trying to get pregnant.

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  • Don't Wait - The Impact of delay in successful conception

    01 Oct 2014 0 Comments By A/Prof Mark Bowman

    As much as society and the media (and our friends) keep telling us that 40 is the new 30, women’s eggs have not received the message. If you're trying to conceive, find out what the impact of delay could be on your chances of success.

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  • A Jewish View of Infertility and its Treatment

    23 Sep 2014 0 Comments By Dr Devora Lieberman

    Infertility is not a recent phenomenon. On the contrary, three of the four biblical matriarchs suffered from infertility. The Torah, or Old Testament, documents in Genesis the suffering of Sarah, Rebecca and Rachel due to infertility. The narrative details much of the human drama in the relationships between the matriarchs and their husbands, and the matriarchs and God. Nowadays couples have access to a range of treatment options, depending on their circumstances. Under Jewish law, medical intervention including IVF is permitted.

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  • Growing incidence of STIs and their impact on Fertility

    18 Sep 2014 0 Comments By Hamish Anderson

    According to a paper released by the University of NSW's Kirby Institute for Infection and Immunity in Society, STIs are on the rise and have been for the past 5 years. Learn what having an undiagnosed STI could mean for your longer term fertility.

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  • Low cost IVF might not actually cost less - economically or emotionally

    12 Sep 2014 0 Comments By Mark Bowman

    Assoc. Professor Mark Bowman told an international gathering of fertility specialists that the ‘low cost’ models of IVF recently introduced in Australia did not really represent low cost to society and bore little resemblance to true low cost methods that were utilized in developing countries.

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  • Fertility Awareness Week and The Australian Fertility Census

    01 Sep 2014 0 Comments By Elizabeth Gosch

    To mark the beginning of Fertility Awareness Week, we’ve released the enlightening and interesting findings of the Australian Fertility Census. Find out what Australia had to say about Fertility.

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  • Tackling a male taboo – talking fertility

    05 Aug 2014 0 Comments By Hamish Anderson

    When it comes to fertility, men often like to turn a blind eye to it, almost like if they ignore it, it doesn't exist. In this blog I seek to begin the process of normalising the conversation. Come, take part.

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  • The Australian Fertility Census

    20 Jul 2014 0 Comments By Hamish Anderson

    Because we’re passionate about breaking down these walls and making sure all Australians have the knowledge they need to plan their own path to kids – if that’s what they want – we’ve decided to launch The Australian Fertility Census

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  • Vale Professor Rob Jansen

    18 Jul 2014 4 Comments By Mark Bowman

    Last Friday night, Genea lost our founding father, Professor Rob Jansen. After more than 35 years at the forefront of reproductive medicine and genetics, Robert Paul Siebrand Jansen lost a long battle with illness.

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