Fertility Treatments

Whether you need a simpler approach, such as ovulation induction or IUI (intra uterine insemination) or perhaps a more complex treatment such as IVF or ICSI is called for, our unique approach to care means you have a dedicated baby-making team made up of your Fertility Specialist, nurses, scientists and counsellors, all tailoring your treatment plan for you. Teamwork really does make the dream work.

IUI & Ovulation Induction
Freezing & fertility preservation
Donor & surrogacy
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Fertility & Genetic Testing

After meeting your Genea Fertility Specialist (aka baby-making expert), your next step is to front up for some tests and procedures. Your doc will look at all of the results to figure out what’s going on with your fertility before working on your personalised treatment plan with you.

Male testing
Female testing
GeneSure™ PGS/PGD (Embryo genetic testing)
GeneSyte™ NIPT (pre-natal testing)
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IVF Success rates

Coming to a fertility clinic with the best tech means you’ll have the best chance of getting pregnant – and we’ve got it, not to brag but we invented it. Our Geri® incubation system – which is not offered at any other clinic in Australia - has resulted in a 12.2% increase in the number of live births when compared to the traditional incubator and culture medium system**. But it’s not just about one child for many of our patients. At Genea, 58% of patients who achieved a live birth and returned for a frozen transfer have had a second child with just one fresh stimulated IVF cycle***.

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Let’s be honest, cost is a factor in most of our decisions. We know that. So, we just want to make sure you know that not all IVF clinics are created equal. Put simply, the quicker you achieve a pregnancy, the less expensive treatment will be and that’s where Genea’s world leading science and baby-making expertise plays a starring role.

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MyGenea app

​Australia’s first IVF cycle companion.

We’re always looking for ways to make life easier for our patients and to support them during fertility treatment. So, we created the MyGenea App, a one stop shop to help patients stay on top of all their on cycle appointments, access handy resources, register payment info and to stay in touch with their Genea fertility team. Grow by Genea is also now integrated so you can see your embryos growing in the lab on the same app. MyGenea is currently available for our patients in Victoria, the ACT and the following NSW clinics: Sydney CBD, Liverpool, Bella Vista, Wollongong, Manly, Orange and Tamworth.

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MyGenea app - Genea Australia
Britt and Laura chat to Genea Fertility Specialist Dr Cheryl Phua all things fertility.