Fertility Tests

Thorough fertility testing is key to solving your fertility puzzle. It’s pretty likely that your Fertility Specialist will send you off for a whole raft of routine fertility tests and procedures after the first time you meet them. The results and outcomes of these tests will help your Fertility Specialist identify any specific issues before developing your personalised treatment plan.
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Male Testing

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Female Testing

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GeneSure™ PGS/PGD (Embryo Genetic Testing)

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GeneSyte™ NIPT (Pre-natal Testing)

IVF Success rates

Coming to a fertility clinic with the best tech means you’ll have the best chance of getting pregnant – and we’ve got it, not to brag but we invented it. Our Geri™ incubation system – which is not offered at any other clinic in Australia - has seen a 24% increase in the number of pregnancies when compared to the traditional incubator and culture medium system*. But it’s not just about one child for many of our patients. At Genea, 58% of patients who achieved a live birth and returned for a frozen transfer have had a second child with just one fresh stimulated IVF cycle**.

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* Foetal heart pregnancies. Study performed in Genea’s Canberra laboratory, 2015-2018.
** 1st Genea Stimulated Cycle between Aug16-Dec17 (2169 patients). Following subsequent Cryos through to Mar19. Autologous patients only (no donor oocytes or surrogates). Sites from Kent St, Liverpool, Canberra, Norwest/Bella Vista, Illawarra. Oocyte Vitrification patients excluded.