* 1st Genea Stimulated Cycle between Aug16-Dec17 (2169 patients). Following subsequent Cryos through to Mar19. Autologous patients only (no donor oocytes or surrogates). Sites from Kent St, Liverpool, Canberra, Norwest/Bella Vista, Illawarra. Oocyte Vitrification patients excluded.
Applicable for Medicare eligible patients. No-out-of-pocket Fertility Assessment is for an initial virtual consultation with our Fertility GP. Additional costs may be incurred for fertility investigations.
Eveything you need to know about egg freezing with Genea Medical Director Associate Professor Mark Bowman on Vogue Australia's Baby Steps podcast.
Australian Journalist, Juliette chats about her decision to freeze her eggs.


Vitrification is the process we use to freeze your eggs and embryos.

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