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August 2023

Unlocking the Truth about Secondary Infertility: Why Conceiving Again Isn't Always Easy - Genea Fertility SA Insights

Discover the hidden challenges of secondary infertility in this informative article by Genea Fertility SA. Contrary to common belief, conceiving a second baby isn't guaranteed after a successful first pregnancy. Secondary infertility, affecting 1 in 10 individuals, arises even without prior fertility issues. Dr Victoria Nisenblat sheds light on this often-misunderstood topic, emphasising the importance of seeking help early. Age plays a significant role in secondary infertility, as fertility decreases after 35. Lifestyle factors like obesity and environmental influences also impact fertility. Whether due to previous caesarean sections, endometriosis, or hormone imbalances, various factors can contribute. The article stresses the necessity of preconception assessments, awareness, and timely assistance for couples navigating secondary infertility.
Posted 11 Aug 2023 by Laura Barclay