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One Cycle, One Family

Genea blog one cycle one familyAt Genea, our world class science and processes aim to help patients complete their family in just one cycle. In the labs, amongst doctors, in the corridors and behind the scenes at Genea, we often use the term "One Cycle, One Family".

But what do we mean? What are we aspiring to and why? Put simply, ideally, if a patient arrives at Genea and requires IVF treatment, clinicians will prescribe a stimulation cycle, whereby they stimulate ovaries to produce eggs. At Genea, we aim to do one egg and sperm collection and from this one stimulation cycle, create enough good quality embryos for the patients to complete their family.

Genea Medical Director, Associate Professor Mark Bowman says, "It’s the egg collection, with the hormone injections, day surgery procedure and cost - that is the greatest impost to the woman. In contrast, the subsequent use of frozen embryos is simple, often drug free and not so expensive." For a frozen cycle, after a little monitoring, patients arrive for an embryo transfer at the right time in their menstrual cycle. Dr Bowman added, "If we can reduce the number of stimulation cycles for patients, it presents a significant cost and emotional benefit."

So, how do we do this for patients? How do we ensure we maximize the potential for a patient to have a family from one stimulation cycle?

"It is our processes and our technology," says Dr Bowman. "We prescribe personalised treatment plans, we stimulate ovaries at the right time, with the right drugs, we collect the eggs on the ideal day for the patient and we offer world leading instruments and scientific excellence in our laboratories to help create the maximum number of good quality embryos."

Recently, Genea announced an IVF breakthrough, we launched a new version of our culture medium Gems, which when combined with Genea’s Geri incubator, has seen an increase of 46.7% in the number of high grade embryos per cycle when compared to the current, most widely used incubator and culture medium system.* Available exclusively to patients of Genea, the new technologies significantly reduce the need for disturbance during the vital stages of an embryo’s development, leading to- on average- more embryos per IVF attempt. All in the name and committed to, our aspiration of "One cycle, One family".

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* Study performed at Genea’s flagship Kent Street, Sydney CBD laboratory. Data presented at Fertility Society of Australia Conference, October 2017. Adelaide.
Disclaimer: Please note that this is a Genea Group blog and as such information may not be relevant for all clinics. We advise that you consult clinics directly for further information.