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Inside the Lab: Celebrating World Embryologist Day with Genea Fertility's IVF Experts

Lana Skien Embryologist on World Embrologist Day 2023Genea Fertility embryologists are highly trained and skilled scientists whose expert work creating and caring for precious embryos is vital to achieving successful pregnancies. They also take their role as an IVF baby’s very first babysitter extremely seriously.

“We often talk to the embryos in their incubators and have been known to have a stern word to stubborn embryos to encourage them to behave!” Genea Sydney Embryologist Lana explains.

“Watching these embryos develop from a single cell to a blastocyst and then be transferred to go on and create a pregnancy is the essence of our job. It is a very special and unique thing to do every day.”

To mark World Embryologist Day this week, we take a step behind the scenes to explain the important role our world class embryologists play in every patient’s fertility journey.

The primary responsibilities of an embryologist involve the handling and management of eggs, sperm, and embryos throughout the IVF process. They ensure the highest level of care is taken to maximise the chances of successful pregnancies.

Embryologists assist the clinicians with egg collections and embryo transfers, they perform ICSI and IVF fertilisation procedures and undertake the genetic testing of embryos.

At Genea Fertility, embryologists work with our exclusive Geri incubation system. The time lapse camera technology inside the Geri allows embryologists to view the developing embryos, enabling them to choose the best embryos for transfer.

“For patients who have not had success previously, for whatever reason, there is something very exciting about coming into the lab each day to check on these embryos and cheer them on as they meet each milestone,” Lana says.

“When we achieve pregnancies from these difficult cases, I really do feel as though we’ve made a massive difference to the patients’ lives in a very meaningful way.”

So, when you meet a Genea Fertility embryologist for the first time, take comfort in the knowledge the person in front of you genuinely cares about you and is dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams of parenthood.