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You're not alone

woman touching headThese are unprecedented and extremely challenging times for everyone. We are especially mindful of how uniquely difficult this situation is for anyone trying to conceive through assisted reproductive technology and who has now been told to put their dreams on hold, even for a month or two. To be told you can’t cycle on because your treatment is elective, may feel like insult on top of injury. We recommend to please try to hold this wording in perspective. Because of the constantly changing nature of the situation, rules are being made quickly and sometimes without the capacity to consider all of the implications. They are being made with the best of intentions, that is to keep all of us safe.
Try to use this time constructively, focusing on taking care of yourself as best you can, so that as soon as is possible, you are able to resume treatment. That means taking care of yourself physically, emotionally and socially. Within the rules and for as long as is possible, make sure you get some exercise outdoors. Eat well and hydrate, and stay socially connected - be creative with this. This is a good time to learn or practice mindfulness, learn a new skill, or complete tasks you never had time for.
Most importantly, look for the good stories, the helpers and the heroes, the lessons you are learning and all the things you will appreciate when this is all over.

Our counselling team is available to our patients throughout this time, via email, phone or Skype. Please contact them on counselling@genea.com.au, or Genea Hollywood at perth@genea.com.au and Genea Oxford at joy@mindfree.co.nz.

Visit Genea's Fertility Collective to find more advice and useful tips and tools plus the latest updates on COVID-19 and the impact on fertility treatment.

Disclaimer: Please note that this is a Genea Group blog and as such information may not be relevant for all clinics. We advise that you consult clinics directly for further information.