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Coping with infertility on Mother’s Day

Genea blog coping with infertilityMother’s Day can be a particularly difficult time for some of our patients. Shops are full of presents and cards, television and newspapers packed with advertising and your social media feed is probably swamped with tributes and celebrations. It can be tough on those of you wanting to be a Mum and your partner who shares your pain and may even feel responsible for it.

In this post we share with you some tips and suggestions that past patients have suggested as helpful at this time of year. Maybe they can help you:

  • Acknowledge that this hurts; you don’t have to pretend that it doesn’t. Talk to your partner or your support network.  Many find support through articles and online communities.
  • Remember you are not alone, there are others too who may be hurting – and not just those who are struggling with infertility – but also those who have lost their mothers.
  • Be prepared – know that this day is coming and plan how you want to spend it. If a family get together is too painful and confronting then make alternate plans – especially with others who may also not have children or whose children are grown up.
  • Plan some fun adult activities that are not necessarily family oriented and commit to them.
  • Celebrate your own mother or grandmother, or the women in your life who have been of significance to you, and do it on another day if necessary.
  • Don’t be afraid to select which functions you want to be part of and say no to those you feel you cannot deal with.
  • Forgive yourself for being sad when others are happy.

Disclaimer: Please note that this is a Genea Group blog and as such information may not be relevant for all clinics. We advise that you consult clinics directly for further information.