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What you need to know and do to get started at Genea

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"Cabin crew arm doors and prepare cabin for take off”

I don’t know about you but I always find it really reassuring when I am on a plane and I hear those words over the intercom. Sad but true, I actually stretch up out of my seat, peer over the sea of heads in front of me and watch the air steward/air stewardess check the doors, take that funny little key and place it in the bag next to the door and come through the cabin checking your seat is upright, tray table is away and seat belt tightly fastened.

Now, I'm not trying to say that fertility treatment is like flying but it is similar in the sense that we have a checklist and our nurses need to ensure they have ticked off every item prior to you starting fertility treatment to ensure that you have a smooth journey.

Prior to starting an IVF cycle there are important documents and tasks that need to be completed:

1.Genea must have a valid GP referral if you wish to claim a Medicare rebate.

This referral needs to be uploaded onto your medical records and be dated before you start taking your medication (Follicle Stimulating Hormones or FSH). Most of the time you have submitted this to your specialist at your initial consultation, however, if it has expired or has almost expired you may be asked to provide a new one. It is illegal to ask a GP to back date a referral and in the case where you do not have a valid GP referral (and therefore are not entitled to any Medicare rebates) you may be asked to acknowledge that Genea informed you of this if you wish to commence treatment. You can drop a copy of your referral off to the reception at your clinic during business hours Monday-Friday if that’s more convenient for you.

2.Your Medical and Fertility History.

Nurses will ask to confirm that the medical history you have provided is still correct - this includes your weight and height. You can ask to be weighed and measured in the clinic if you like and together we will calculate your BMI. The nurses may also ask about your fertility history, this is to make sure that any pregnancies (Including any miscarriages or terminations) are noted.

3.Routine blood tests are completed.

All women are required to have HIV, Hep B, Hep C, Rubella and blood group tests taken and processed before starting treatment. Men also need to have bloods collected (HIV, Hep B and Hep C) prior to their partners starting. Good news though, these are valid for two years and can be bulk-billed if they are taken and processed prior to starting your FSH.

4.You have completed your financial details online using Genea’s financial portal.

After your initial consultation with Genea or, if you are a returning patient, when you inform Genea you wish to start treatment again, our friendly Patient Relationship Coordinators will provide you with a financial quote for your treatment and instructions on how to complete your financial details online. Genea uses a secure online portal to ensure that your information is kept safe!

5.Genea has received all your consent forms and a signed copy of your financial quote.

At your initial consultation or in the pack sent to you by your nurse will be a consent form for your treatment. All medical treatment requires some form of consent prior to starting, whether that is verbal consent for example, when a sonographer asks if she can begin the ultrasound procedure or written consent when you go into hospital to have an operation. Fertility treatment is no different.

Before you start your fertility treatment with Genea you are required to provide written consent that you understand the treatment, the procedure and the risks and are happy to proceed. If you are coming through with you partner they will also be asked to sign their consent as well. The nurses will always be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have before and during treatment, however, they are unable to provide you with medications or undertake any treatment until these signed consents  have been received.

All these steps are thoroughly checked before you start - please do not be surprised if you are asked about them. We just want to make sure all the appropriate checks are completed before you are due to begin treatment so there aren’t any delays.

Disclaimer: Please note that this is a Genea Group blog and as such information may not be relevant for all clinics. We advise that you consult clinics directly for further information.