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Success Rate transparency

Genea Blog success ratesSouth Australia Senator Stirling Griff has launched a campaign for IVF clinic success rates to be published and it’s one which we support. Genea has been publishing (and fighting for the right to publish) the live birth rates achieved by our clinics for many years. 

In light of the renewed debate about success rates, we want to restate the fact that Genea strongly believes Australians have the right to accurate and easy to understand information to help them in their decision about fertility treatment. Whilst different patients with different conditions make exact clinic comparisons challenging, Genea believes very strongly that laboratory technology varies markedly between clinics and this will independently lead to better outcomes at some clinics.

When you embark on a fertility journey, there's only one true measure of success - having a baby. Despite this, many clinics focus on their clinical pregnancy rates which don’t provide the full picture on the success rates that you care about. It’s not just about getting pregnant, it’s about having a baby. Listen to a piece about Senator Griff’s campaign.

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Disclaimer: Please note that this is a Genea Group blog and as such information may not be relevant for all clinics. We advise that you consult clinics directly for further information.