You're not alone

This week's ban on elective surgery has added insult to injury for our community. We see you and we're here to help.
Posted 27 Mar 2020 by Genea Counselling Services Manager, Evelyn Zwahlen

When should I seek a second opinion?

If having a baby is your top priority and you’re not getting results, why not make 2020 a fresh start and get a new plan with Genea?
Posted 14 Jan 2020 by Elizabeth Gosch

This time of year

A little reminder from Genea's counsellors to please remember yourself and your own needs at "this time of year".
Posted 19 Dec 2019 by Genea Counselling Team

Taking care of your emotional wellbeing during the holidays

Staying sane during the festive season can be challenging. Our friends Gidget Foundation Australia have shared some helpful tips for coping at this time of year.
Posted 16 Dec 2019 by Elizabeth Gosch

Self-care tips for expectant and new dads

Mental wellbeing is an important part of the discussion when it comes to Men’s Health. This year, Gidget Foundation Australia is helping us mark Men’s Health Week by providing some self care tips designed by their experts specifically for Dads and Dads to be. Read them or pass them on to the new Dad in your life.
Posted 10 Jun 2019 by Elizabeth Gosch

Top 5 Mindfulness Tips and Apps

We've rounded up some of the best tips and apps to help you find some clear headspace. In this blog we explain the apps and tools we've found helpful in building resilience, managing emotions and quietening the constant internal chatter many of us experience.
Posted 30 May 2019 by Elizabeth Gosch

Australian invention leads to more IVF pregnancies

Genea's Geri incubation system leads to more IVF pregnancies. The use of Geri incubation system, which is exclusively available to Genea and Genea Hollywood patients in Australia, has resulted in a 24.3% increase in the number of pregnancies when compared to the traditional incubator and culture medium system.
Posted 13 May 2019 by Genea Fertility

Self-care tips for expectant and new parents

To mark World Maternal Mental Health Day, Gidget Foundation Australia shares some self-care tips for expectant and new parents. World Maternal Mental Health Day (1 May) is a global awareness raising exercise focused on reducing the stigma around PNDA and supporting parents experiencing emotional distress to recover.
Posted 01 May 2019 by Elizabeth Gosch

Cancer risk in IVF babies

A study published in the reproductive medicine journal, Human Reproduction found that children born through assisted reproductive technology (ART) do not appear to have an increased risk of cancer.
Posted 12 Apr 2019 by Genea Medical Director, A/Prof Mark Bowman

Perinatal Anxiety and Depression

Co-Founder and Director of The Pink Elephants Support Network Samantha Payne has written a guest blog on the topic of Perinatal Anxiety and Depression. Did you know that after suffering miscarriage or perinatal loss, you are 33 per cent more likely to receive a clinical diagnosis of Perinatal Anxiety or Depression?
Posted 13 Nov 2018 by Elizabeth Gosch
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