Genea Gosford

31 Hills Street, Gosford NSW 2250, Australia

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Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm

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Fertility Services at Gosford

Genea Central Coast is a monitoring centre for our patients who are seeing a Genea Newcastle Fertility Specialist or attending Genea Newcastle for treatment but live on the Central Coast.

Conveniently located in Gosford, Genea Central Coast Fertility Centre reduces the hassle and number of times you need to travel Newcastle, instead bringing our world leading fertility care and science to your area. All aspects of your treatment workup including education, ultrasound, diagnostic surgery, semen analysis and endocrine studies can be completed in Gosford leaving just two trips to Newcastle for procedures (for a full IVF cycle) – one for egg collection and one for embryo transfer.

All local general practitioners and specialists can direct patients who are struggling to conceive to Genea Central Coast for guidance and assistance to maximise the potential of having a baby.

Our full-time nurse coordinator provides expertise in education, coordinates all treatment cycles, and is available to provide ongoing support and guidance to couples during treatment. Please contact the clinic for relevant opening hours. Expert fertility counselling can also be organised through Genea Central Coast at no extra cost as part of your IVF cycle treatment.

If you live slightly outside the central coast, please note we can arrange for you to have your blood tests and ultrasounds at local centres areas closer to you. Please visit our list of Genea Monitoring Centres for more information.

Monitoring Centre

Blood collection (Appointment required)
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm
Closed on public holidays.
Call the Genea Nurse Coordinator on 0437 436 677 for appointments and details. 

Ultrasounds at a different location  (Appointment required)
Coast Womens Imaging
Suite 11, 12 Jarrett St,
North Gosford 2250
T: 02 4325 7541
Call 02 4902 7000 for opening times, appointments, and public holiday hours.