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  • Position Statement

    6 Oct 2017

    Position statement in response to article published in the Australian Financial Review.

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  • Genea makes Australia’s most innovative companies list

    19 Sep 2017

    Genea’s commitment to pioneering and developing the fertility sector has been honoured this evening, competing against more than 1,000 organisations to be recognised as one of Australia’s most innovative companies. Genea has been listed in the 2017 Australian Financial Review’s Top 50 Most Innovative Companies list, ranked number 25.

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  • Hope for families as MSAC delivers

    4 Aug 2017

    After a decade of lobbying and in response to a Genea submission, the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) has formally recommended the Federal Government provide funding for pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).

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  • Revolutionary change to IVF patient experience through groundbreaking app that gives parents-to-be 24/7 access to photos and footage of developing embryos during treatment

    15 Apr 2017

    For the first time in Australia, IVF patients will be able to see precious photos and videos of their embryos as they develop in the lab through an app called Grow by Genea.

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  • Fertility Resolutions for 2017

    23 Jan 2017

    Having a baby features highly on the list of New Year’s resolutions for many people so leading Australian fertility group Genea has put together its Top 5 pieces of fertility advice to help.

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  • Genea and Merck open Fertility Centre of Excellence

    17 Jan 2017

    Australian fertility group Genea and German science and technology company Merck have today opened The Centre of Excellence for Fertility in Bangkok. The facility has been developed with the goal of creating a global benchmark for fertility treatment by standardising clinic management and laboratory protocols in IVF and therefore increasing success rates for patients worldwide.

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  • Genea welcomes ZEISS and Hamilton Thorne to the Global Fertility Alliance

    30 Jun 2016

    As a founding member of the Global Fertility Alliance, Australian fertility pioneer Genea today welcomed two new members, ZEISS and Hamilton Thorne Ltd. Established a year ago by Genea, Merck, a leading science and technology company, and Illumina Inc, a leader in developing and commercialising systems for analysis of genetic variation and function, the alliance is a collaboration to advance excellence in fertility technologies and processes within the assisted reproductive treatment (ART) laboratory.

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  • Genea Kent St Clinic

    15 Feb 2016

    Yesterday afternoon (Sunday 14 February 2016), there was an incident in the building which houses Genea's Kent St clinic and our facilities suffered some water damage.

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  • Fertility expert warns low cost IVF may cost taxpayers more

    12 Sep 2014

    An approach to ‘more affordable’ IVF in Australia will potentially come at a higher cost per baby to Medicare and therefore the outcomes from these approaches need to be properly evaluated and compared to usual IVF treatment, according to leading IVF exper and Genea Medical Director Associate Professor Mark Bowman.

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  • The Australian Fertility Census discovers Australians are delaying seeking help for infertility

    1 Sep 2014

    The largest and first of its kind, the Australian Fertility Census unearthed the fact a large proportion of Australians could be dangerously delaying seeking medical advice about their fertility.

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