Our People

Our People - Who are we?

What do Genea’s patients say about us and how we differ to other clinics? Time and time again they comment on our people and the care and support they provide. Our patients mention nurses, scientists and support staff by name and laud the wonderful attitude and compassion they show.

On the research side of our business, our Genea Biomedx and Genea Biocells teams are lauded for their innovation and world leading scientific solutions.

In short, the difference is our people.

We regularly receive positive feedback on how caring and compassionate our nurses are; how organised and helpful our patient support team is in keeping our patients informed; and we know we have recruited some of the brightest scientific minds - as evidenced through our ongoing contributions to global IVF advances.

Our people are the force behind our care and our world leading results.

At Genea, our Values permeate all our actions and our values provide the foundation for new strategy and decisions. Our Values reflect who we are, what we are about and why we come to work each day. We recruit people who are aligned with our Values and people who aspire to embrace Integrity, Excellence, Accountability, Innovation and Passion in everything they do.

What does working for Genea mean to our people?

"Excellence means giving 100 per cent of your time and 100 per cent of your abilities to the patients." – Day Surgery Nurse

"A sense of pride and excitement at being part of such an exciting, innovative company that really makes such a difference to people’s lives." – Scientist, Biomedx

"The main thing for us is that we are responsible to our patients when it comes to their journey with us. We have to make it as easy for them and productive as possible. It is our ultimate responsibility as a company – everyone has input into making sure this happens." – Corporate Support

"IVF is the most amazing industry to work in; it touches so many people." – Patient Support Services

"Being proud of Genea and the people who work here – I stay in this role because of the people and ethics behind the company." – Manager

"I love being part of such an important company and are blown away by the fantastic things that we are able to do." – Patient Support Services

"I have a job that means the world to me, I really love what I do." - Manager

"It’s important to me that we do things in a manner which I’m happy to put my name to." – Scientist, Research

"I value the feeling that when you go home, you’re happy knowing that you have gone the whole way at work." - Scientist

"Running a world-class laboratory." – Scientist, Andrology