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Consider a clinic that isn’t just about IVF. If a clinic can get patients pregnant without invasive and expensive treatment, money will be saved. Help doesn’t always mean IVF. Genea takes an individual approach and develops personalised treatment plans for each patient. As well as offering IVF, Genea also offers services such as ovulation tracking and ovulation induction to facilitate natural conception. In fact, only 50% of patients who see a Genea fertility specialist require IVF.
Below some advice when speaking to other clinics about their costs:
  1. The out of pocket cost may not be the only expense you need to pay. Make sure you check with the clinic that the full costs associated with your treatment are included. Ask specifically for details of what is required on top of the out of pocket figure.
  2. Day surgery theatre fees, anesthetist fees and accommodation fees may be additional on some cycles. Make sure you clarify these specific costs with the clinic or hospital.
  3. Recognise that pre-treatment and post treatment fees such as doctor consultations, blood tests, ultrasounds and storage costs may increase your out of pocket.
  4. Your out of pocket cost may be higher than advertised if you have not reached your Medicare safety net.
  5. If you don’t have health insurance, your health fund is not contracted with the hospital or clinic or if you have a restricted plan, this may increase your out of pocket. The item numbers that are most commonly used in ART treatment are 13212, 13215 and 13218.  It is best to contact your private insurer directly to discuss and ask the clinic how this will then impact your out of pocket expenses.
If you do require IVF, you need to understand the importance of selecting a clinic that offers the best science and leading processes to offer value for money and reduce the number of stimulated cycles.

While low-cost IVF may appear to be a convenient solution, the number of IVF cycles required to achieve conception can add up financially, and the nature of the treatment can take an unexpected personal toll.