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Life has been turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic so we’ve created this space for you – The Fertility Collective - to help you recover, rebuild and plan for the future post-COVID-19. 

Here, we'll bring together the latest facts about COVID-19 and how it impacts IVF treatment options as well as the supporting articles and ideas we know will help you thrive and come out of this situation in the best condition to go on with your fertility journey.

You’ll find useful tools to keep you focused on your dreams of a family from emotional health advice, fertility expert tips, recipes to help you optimise your fertility health, links to the best free online exercise classes we've found and much more.

Just because everything else is on hold, doesn’t mean your pregnancy plan needs to be on pause too.

Latest COVID-19 information

Genea continues to follow the advice of local agencies including the Fertility Society of Australia and the Australian Department of Health. Read on for further information about how this affects current and new patients.

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COVID-19 update

Genea treatment options during COVID-19

If you are considering treatment, we ask that you contact your Genea Fertility Specialist to discuss your treatment options at this time. If you haven't already selected a Genea Fertility Specialist, please see their bios or chat with Genea's Fertility Advisor for assistance making a choice.

There are updates to ovulation tracking, ovulation induction, morning clinic, monitoring centres, and PGD/PGS test results.

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Looking after your wellbeing

We understand that this can be an anxious time and we've called on Genea's highly experienced Fertility Counsellors to provide you with the tools to cope. Please remember, our Counselling team is still here for our patients. You can contact them directly through Reception or by emailing

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Staying fertility fit during lockdown

When you're dealing with infertility, a healthy diet and exercise are not a simple solution but eating healthy foods and keeping your body moving will ensure you are in the best possible physical condition to get started once fertility treatment is permitted again. In this section we'll share recipes for meals that optimise your fertility health as well as exercise routines that are easy to keep up while in #iso.

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The Grace Tales Fertility Hub

Genea's Fertility Hub created by The Grace Tales has been designed to lift the veil on fertility – a topic that is all too often spoken about in private or indeed, not at all. With personal tales of IVF, expert advice and insights, details on the latest technologies and stories of pregnancy loss and fertility struggles, it has become a beloved space for many in our community, wherever they are in their parenting path.

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Blogs and videos

We’ve been creating content designed for you for years now, so take a look at our videos, podcasts and blogs to help you through. Keep an eye out for new content appearing on our site too.

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