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3 Women on what they wish they knew before their fertility treatments

The Urban List featured a discussion about fertility with three women sharing what they wish they knew before starting treatment. It's a powerful read.

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In times of trouble

Genea Counselling Services Manager Evelyn Zwahlen has some constructive advice to protect our emotional wellbeing while we wait for the COVID-19 situation to resolve and for fertility treatment to get the green light again.

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That discomfort you’re feeling is grief

Grief expert David Kessler explains that we’re all feeling a number of different forms of grief at the moment and that we’re not used to this kind of collective grief in the air. He shares some advice for managing our feelings.

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Top 5 mindfulness tips and apps

Mindfulness experts talk about using meditation as a tool to help upgrade our inner technology. Sometimes, using external technology is a powerful way to improve our minds too. Here are five apps and tips we found to help do just that.

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