Baby Steps: Pandemic turns GPs to podcasting for fertility information

15 JULY 2020 SYDNEY: In an industry first, Genea Fertility, The Misfits Media and Ward 6 have combined to launch a podcast designed specifically for health care practitioners, wanting to learn more about the latest in IVF and fertility treatments in Australia.

The Baby Steps by Genea series launched in June, and provides clinicians with much needed advice on how to support patients struggling with infertility, both during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Hosted by Dr Sam Hay, a practicing Australian GP and well-known media figure, the podcast will also explore miscarriage management, how best to provide emotional support to patients through the roller-coaster of trying to conceive and takes listeners behind the scenes of a patient IVF journey.

Genea has long been at the forefront of podcasting in the fertility space, their multi-award winning Modern Babies podcast, produced in collaboration with Nova Entertainment was hugely popular amongst patients and doctors alike.

Genea Head of Brand & Marketing Nicole Papoutsis said, “COVID-19 has fundamentally changed how we work, travel, socialize and how we communicate. Our referrers are calling on the latest information, but face-face meetings are now more challenging.”

Nicole explains, “as the COVID-19 situation intensified, GP practices understandably stopped accepting our Medical Liaison teams along with other medical sales reps. We lost that connection with GPs as a vital channel to communicate treatment information and access continues to be challenging in some areas. Producing this podcast is an important part of filling that void but we also know it will continue to form a vital platform for our communications going forward, as engagement with health professionals’ changes for the longer term.”

In addition to being a practising GP, Sam Hay hosted Amazing Medical Stories on Channel Nine and regularly appears on The Today Show and Studio 10. He is also the resident doctor for the Kyle and Jackie O Show on KIIS and writes for Body and Soul as well as

The five episodes are titled:
  • [In]fertility management in isolation
  • Managing miscarriage
  • Dealing with the emotional impact of infertility
  • Diverse patients, one goal
  • Take a walk through a Genea Clinic
Genea’s deputy medical director and fertility specialist Dr. Mark Livingstone is the first guest. 
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