May 2022

The Fertility Tales; breaking down the barriers around fertility

Posted: 23/05/2022 1:48:19 PM
Even in 2022, fertility is often a taboo topic that many shy away from. At Genea, we want to break these barriers, open up the conversation and reshape how people think and talk about fertility and infertility.
That’s why we launched The Fertility Tales, the first magazine of its kind in Australia.  It’s a fertility specific magazine produced by AllBright and sponsored by Genea, to facilitate discussion around fertility, genetic testing and more.

The Fertility Tales contains many moving stories about women who have struggled to conceive, advice on how to mentally and physically prepare for IVF, the importance of genetic testing, surrogacy, adoption, the loss of miscarriage and more.

You can order your own copy here, for free.

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Genea is one of Australia’s leading providers for infertility, IVF and other assisted conception treatment with 35 years of experience in the field. The company has long been a fertility pioneer, with research and technologies developed in-house virtually doubling IVF success rates in the mid-nineties and continuing to improve outcomes today.