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8 out of 10 patients who started treatment elsewhere wish they came to Genea first*.

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Timely diagnosis and personalised treatment plans

That’s why only 50% of patients who see a Genea Fertility Specialist actually require IVF.

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The perfect place to start

8 out of 10 patients who started treatment elsewhere wish they came to Genea first^.

Your patients trust you to provide the right referral.

Refer to a Genea Fertility Specialist first

IVF technology that makes a difference

Genea’s incubation system has seen an increase of 46.7% in the number of high grade embryos per cycle. **

Give your patients access to the best lab technology.

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One cycle, one family

We want to see more patients complete their family in just one stimulated IVF cycle, saving your patients physically, emotionally and financially.


World leading genetic testing

Genea offers embryo testing and pre-natal testing.


IVF clinics aren't created equal

Genea has been leading the way in fertility advances for over 30 years and continues to invest in IVF research and technology to improve outcomes for patients every day. We offer a range of fertility treatments, not just IVF. Our dedicated Fertility Specialists will develop a personalised treatment plan for your patient based on their individual circumstances.
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Of those patients who responded to the Genea patient survey conducted between 1 January 2017 and 31 December 2017 (223 patients).
1st Stim Cycle between 01Jan12-31Dec13 (3573 patients). Following subsequent Cryos through to 31Dec15. Autologous patients only (no donor oocytes or surrogates). Sites from Kent St, Liverpool, Canberra, Norwest/Bella Vista, Illawarra. Oocyte Vitrification patients excluded.
** When compared to the traditional incubator and culture medium system. Study performed at Genea’s flagship Kent Street, Sydney CBD laboratory. Presented at the Fertility Society of Australia Conference, Adelaide. October 2017.