S1 E1: [In]fertility management in isolation
Struggling to get pregnant can be extremely stressful. And now COVID-19 is adding additional uncertainty. Join host Dr Sam Hay and Genea fertility specialist Dr Mark Livingstone as they discuss how to support patients both during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out the latest referral guidelines and how Genea can help patients make up for lost time with solid science to help couples achieve a pregnancy faster.
S1 E2: Managing miscarriage
As many as one in four pregnancies will end in miscarriage. Genea Fertility Specialist Dr Anthony Marren and Samantha Payne from The Pink Elephants Support Network share their insights and experience of how to support patients through miscarriage, pregnancy loss and beyond. Find out when to refer for further investigation and how innovative Genea technology such as GeneSure™ can help patients who are experiencing early pregnancy loss.
S1 E3: Dealing with the emotional impact of infertility
Problems conceiving can unleash a rollercoaster of emotions that place enormous stress on patients and their relationships. From counselling sessions to coping strategies, Genea counsellor Orlaith Sheill and fertility nurse Amy Scott share their advice on supporting patients through infertility and throughout treatment. Discover new resources to help patients, including comprehensive emotional support programs offered by Genea.
S1 E4: Diverse patients, one goal
For many couples who are considering fertility treatments, it's not just about falling pregnant. It's about having a family. In this episode, Dr Sam Hay takes a sneak peek at the science behind creating a family. He talks with Fertility Specialist Dr Kate McIlwaine and embryologist Dr Dan Morgan about Genea's ‘One Cycle, One Family’ approach which aims to maximise a patient's chance of a family in the least number of cycles possible through innovative technology.
S1 E5: Take a walk through a Genea Clinic
What happens when patients start their fertility journey at Genea? Join host Dr Sam Hay and get a behind-the-scenes view on what it’s like to be a Genea patient. Genea Fertility Specialist Dr Sonal Karia and the Genea team explain how personalised, patient-focused care can make a difference from a dedicated fertility care team including a fertility specialist, nurse, embryologist and a patient relationship coordinator.