Fertility Services at Coffs Harbour

Genea has been helping the people of Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas achieve their dream of a having a baby for over 20 years.

At Genea our aim is always to ensure that our patients have access to the highest quality fertility treatment available, giving them the best chance of success. The main IVF procedures (egg collection, embryo development in the laboratory and embryo transfer) for Genea Coffs Harbour patients are performed in our Sydney CBD clinic. With the introduction of Genea’s in-house developed fertility technologies Gavi and Geri, we’ve introduced a new model of treatment which will give patients access to the very best fertility treatment and technologies at a time which suits them.

Genea’s local fertility specialists offer preliminary consultations and those requiring IVF are referred onto Sydney based fertility specialist Dr Helen Peric who can provide consultations via Skype. Genea Coffs Harbour patients can undergo the comprehensive lead-up to treatment locally including blood tests, ultrasounds and nurse consultations. Genea clinic coordinator and Registered Nurse Sarah Attwood will be available at the Coffs Harbour clinic year round to coordinate your treatment and provide ongoing support. Specialist fertility counselling appointments can be organised by Skype or by phone with Genea’s Kent St Counselling Team.

Our Sydney CBD day surgery runs year round and is equipped to perform all assisted conception procedures, including egg pick-up, embryo transfer, testicular biopsies and anaesthesia for every type of treatment. What’s unique at Genea is that we’re available to ensure every procedure happens at a time that’s best for your body, not just when it suits our schedule.

To arrange an interview or to simply make an inquiry, you are invited to contact Genea Coffs Harbour’s Nurse Co-ordinator Sarah on 02 6650 0442.

Please note, the rooms of Genea Fertility Specialists may be located at a different address, please check before coming in. 

Morning Clinic

Your Genea nurse coordinator will let you know the times and locations for your blood tests, ultrasounds and collection of medications. You can call the Coffs Harbour nurses on 02 6650 0442.

For patients from areas outside Coffs Harbour, you can arrange to have your blood tests and ultrasounds at local areas closer to you. Please visit our list of Genea Monitoring Centres for more information.

Pathology Services

Genea Coffs Harbour is also open to conduct your GeneSyte NIPS. Please view Pathology Centres for further information.

Services Offered

Service Available
Day Surgery At Kent St
Andrology At Kent St
Bloods Yes
Scans Yes
All ART (OI, OT, IUI, IVF, ICSI) At Kent St
PGD At Kent St
Diagnostic Surgery At Kent St

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If Genea Coffs Harbour is not the most convenient location for you, please select another Genea fertility clinic nearer to you.