Fertility Services at Liverpool

Genea’s South West clinic offers a complete fertility and IVF service conveniently located in the heart of Liverpool to save you having to make the long commute into the city. Genea has been offering fertility services to the local Liverpool community for over 14 years.

Our Liverpool clinic is equipped to perform all assisted conception procedures, including cycle monitoring, egg pick-up and embryo transfer.

We have labs onsite at Genea South West so your precious eggs, sperm and embryos don’t have to travel either. Our scientists and embryologists use world leading technologies for IVF, sperm function testing, genetic diagnosis including PGD and specialised IVF procedures such as ICSI, assisted hatching and embryo biopsy. Sperm and embryo cryostorage are also available.

We understand that it helps to know the people who are looking after you so we’re happy for you to make arrangements to come in and meet your nursing team and your team of scientists (who look after your eggs, sperm and embryos) at any stage of your cycle and to have a tour of the facilities if you wish. You will also have access to our specialist infertility counsellors.

The close knit team at our Liverpool clinic will aim to make your care and treatment as efficient and comfortable as possible to ensure you have the best chance.

Morning Clinic

At Genea South West, morning clinic runs Monday to Saturday between 7:30am and 8:45am. You don’t need to make an appointment for your blood tests or if you’re picking up your medications or having them administered but you do need to make one for your ultrasound.

All ultrasounds are conducted by Sydney Ultrasound for Women (SUFW) and are strictly by appointment. To book an ultrasound appointment please call 02 9822 8447.

Further details can be found in Monitoring Centres.

Inside Info

We know that once you begin your cycle - especially if it’s the first time - you will have a lot on your mind. To try to make things easier, you should know that not all pharmacies in the area stock the drugs you will need for your treatment.

One that does is:
Murray's Pharmacy
240 Macquarie Street,
Liverpool NSW 2170
T: 02 9601 4884

Services Offered

Service Available
Day Surgery Yes
Andrology Yes
Bloods In-house
General Pathology At Kent St
GeneSyte At Kent St
Scans SUFW
PGD In-house
Diagnostic Surgery No


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If Genea in Liverpool is not the most convenient location for you, please select another Genea fertility clinic nearer to you.