About Egg Freezing

At some point in life, many women will become aware of a desire to have children. It may not be a burning, all consuming desire which demands to be answered right now but it will be there, ticking along in the background. It won’t bother you most of the time but then you’ll catch up with a friend and she’ll announce her pregnancy or you’ll see a post on Facebook about the impact of age on fertility and all of a sudden it will be front of mind.Genea egg freezing icon

The reality of being a woman is that our fertility, our ability to have children using our own eggs, is finite. We are only fertile from when we start menstruating through to menopause which for some women begins in their 40s and for some prime fertility will drop off much earlier than that. For a growing number of women, the time when they are most fertile simply isn’t the right time to have children. The reasons it’s not the right time are as different as all of us. It may be because of career reasons, financial or relationship issues, some combination of these or something entirely unique to you.

Whatever your reason, egg freezing may help you press pause on your biological clock, buying yourself time and peace of mind. It can give you an opportunity to take control of your fertility and it is an option increasingly being considered and taken up by women around the world.

Hundreds of babies have now been born worldwide using frozen eggs, thawed and used in an IVF cycle to create embryos. Read on and we will explain the facts and dispel the fallacies about this growing area of fertility treatment.

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