Will it work? Success rates

The questions any woman considering this treatment should ask are: what chance do I have that eggs I freeze now will lead to a baby? and; is that chance worth the physical and financial cost?

That brings us to the question of whether or not egg freezing works. The probability of a woman having a baby in the future using her frozen eggs depends on her age when the eggs were collected and the number of successfully warmed eggs. There are also likely to be differences in success rates among clinics.

While we’ve been freezing and vitrifying eggs for many years in Australia, the number of women returning to use their frozen eggs in an attempt to get pregnant is not yet at a level where we can provide reliable and meaningful data on the Australian experience.

However, data being used internationally indicates an overall success rate ranging from five to 50 per cent depending on the number of eggs vitrified and the age at which you froze them. In contrast, a 40 year old has just seven to eight per cent chance of getting pregnant naturally each month.

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Freezing Embryos?

There is no particular scientific advantage from the storage of embryos derived from combining your eggs with donor sperm, compared to freezing unfertilized eggs. In fact freezing unfertilized eggs will keep your future fertility options wider and will therefore give you a higher chance of achieving a baby in the future.

Consequently, at Genea we don’t offer access to treatment where patients have the intention of using donor sperm to create embryos to freeze and keep.