Myths about Endometriosis

Endometriosis myths busted

Depending on who you speak to, you will most likely have heard one or many supposed truths about endometriosis. In order to put some of these myths to bed, here are some truths about endometriosis you can rely on:

  • Endometriosis CAN cause pain at any time in your cycle
  • Endometriosis CAN’T be prevented 
  • Endometriosis IS NOT caused by an STI
  • Endometriosis is quite common, NOT rare
  • Special diets, herbal remedies or exercise WILL NOT cure endometriosis 
  • Endometriosis DOES NOT always lead to infertility.

The #1 piece of advice our patients pass on to people trying to conceive is to ask for help earlier. Genea's Fertility Specialists are experts in helping people conceive and seeing one is not a fast track to IVF - in fact we help more than 50% our patients have a baby with fertility treatments other than IVF.