Miscarriage Management Program

Miscarriage management

Miscarriages are tragically common. About 15 to 20 per cent of all pregnancies are lost before term and sadly one in 20 couples experience two miscarriages in a row.

Here at Genea, we are committed to helping people have babies and a big part of that commitment is based on our expertise in treatments to help when things aren’t going right. We have a service called the Miscarriage Management Program specifically designed to make a plan for you when you’ve suffered the tragedy of multiple miscarriages. 

In the program, we draw upon our extensive experience in managing reproductive difficulties with in vitro fertilisation, infertility investigation and genetic testing to provide you with the information, advice, medical services and counselling that you need to give you the best chance of a successful pregnancy.

Pregnancy monitoring

Many patients who have suffered recurrent miscarriages don’t actually have difficulty conceiving. If that’s the case with you, during the early stages of pregnancy we will closely monitor your progress with weekly blood tests and regular ultrasounds.

Genea has also had significant success for those who have suffered from multiple miscarriages by using Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) to help select the best embryo.

We understand that the next pregnancy after a miscarriage is a time of great anxiety and stress. Along with the scientific testing, we offer support. Your counsellor is available for sessions and your nurse coordinator will be there to speak to or see you throughout the stressful early part of the pregnancy. 

For patients who do experience difficulty conceiving, we are ideally placed to offer assistance, with options ranging from counselling and advice to ovulation induction and IVF.

Miscarriage counselling service

Each stage of the Miscarriage Management Program includes counselling sessions where you can talk through your feelings with experienced fertility counsellors. You will also receive one-on-one support from your doctor and nurse coordinator.

Sadly, not all patients who come through Genea’s Miscarriage Management Program will have a baby and many people who experience this outcome find our counselling services invaluable, offering them the support they need to maintain their strength and optimism in difficult times.

While we know not everyone believes they need counselling or that it’s right for them, our counsellors are experienced in offering support to people who have suffered this kind of maternal and paternal loss. Counselling offers a chance to share your thoughts and feelings about your pregnancy, the miscarriage and your grief.

Some people find that they appreciate the ongoing support as they begin to recover from their loss and consider their future. It’s also worth considering the value of support for a subsequent pregnancy. Some couples report feeling anxious about the possibility of experiencing another loss.

If you’re not sure whether counselling is appropriate for you, please call us and speak with a counsellor. Feel free to ask any questions and then see what you think - there is no obligation to make an appointment.

And, if you’re interested in finding out more about our Miscarriage Management Program you can contact our Fertility Advisor who can answer your questions and put you in touch with one of our Fertility Specialists with expertise in this area.


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