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About Genea Sperm Bank

Demand for donor sperm is outstripping supply in Australia. Learn how you can help by becoming a sperm donor.

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Who needs help?

For many infertile couples, single women and lesbian couples, the gift of donor sperm represents the only chance of conceiving their own child.

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Why should I donate?

Essentially, you are needed. Compared to the number of couples and women who require donated sperm, there are very few sperm donors.

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How do I help?

Becoming a Genea Sperm Donor is relatively simple. Follow these steps to apply.

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Do you have a question? The answers to the most commonly asked questions on donating sperm are here.

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Donor info sessions

Register your interest for donor information sessions.

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Apply to be a Sperm Donor

Complete our quick questionnaire to check if you meet our initial requirements to become a sperm donor with Genea Sperm Bank.

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