Can I donate sperm?
Why are sperm donors needed?
How do sperm donors help?
What’s in it for me?
Will donating sperm cost me anything?
What information is given to recipients about donors?
How many children am I likely to create if I donate?
What are the legal implications if I become a sperm donor?
Will my identity be released?
Can I change my mind once I have provided a donation to the Genea Sperm Bank?
How many donations do I need to give?
What can I find out about my donor conceived offspring?
How do I become a donor?
Genea Sperm Bank facts and figures
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Not every person will be a suitable donor to the Genea Sperm Bank. Genea applies strict eligibility criteria for being a sperm donor including to ensure that appropriate health standards are maintained. Genea reserves the right to refuse to accept a person as a donor to the Genea Sperm Bank if it considers appropriate to do so.