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In Australia, one in six couples struggle to conceive at some point in their relationship and at least 40 per cent of them will be experiencing infertility because of sperm quality or quantity. For these people as well as single women and lesbian couples, the gift of donor sperm will give them their only chance at conceiving their own child.

Genea Sperm Bank information icon"We struggled to have a baby for years before finally turning to IVF thinking it would be the magic solution. Sadly, once we’d been tested we found out that my husband was infertile. We’d given up any hope of ever having a child of our own to love and care for when we finally found a sperm donor. I know people say this often, but the wonderful man who donated his sperm to us changed our lives. We think all the time about the incredible, selfless generosity he showed to us."

Donor sperm recipients Jan and Mark

While there are some Australian sperm banks, the small number of donors and the regulations limiting the number of children each donor can create means they are “used up” quite quickly.

Sperm can be ordered from banks in the United States and Europe but it is expensive and the donors provided to Australian recipients are limited because of our identification laws. Donor conceived children are entitled to know the identity of their biological parents, if they so wish, once they reach the age of 18. All donors must agree to have their identity released when any offspring turn 18, regardless of whether the donor is Australian or not.

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Not every person will be a suitable donor to the Genea Sperm Bank. Genea applies strict eligibility criteria for being a sperm donor including to ensure that appropriate health standards are maintained. Genea reserves the right to refuse to accept a person as a donor to the Genea Sperm Bank if it considers appropriate to do so.