Why should I donate?

Genea Sperm donorIn Australia, sperm donation is not a contracted process with payment. So then what would inspire you to be a sperm donor?

Essentially, you are needed. Compared to the number of couples and women who require donated sperm, there are very few sperm donors.

There is a small group of men in Australia who have donated sperm to help others fulfill their dreams of having a family and you can join. Perhaps you’re a Dad yourself and you’ve experienced firsthand the joy and love a child can bring to your life. Donating your sperm may help someone else experience that feeling.

Maybe you’ve seen family or friends struggle with infertility and felt helpless. Being a sperm donor is a wonderful way to help them or others.

Perhaps you are just a good person who wants to do a good deed. That in itself is rewarding and good for you. Research has proven that doing nice things for people leads to a significant increase in a person’s positive mood.

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Not every person will be a suitable donor to the Genea Sperm Bank. Genea applies strict eligibility criteria for being a sperm donor including to ensure that appropriate health standards are maintained. Genea reserves the right to refuse to accept a person as a donor to the Genea Sperm Bank if it considers appropriate to do so.