Genetic testing

At Genea, our whole reason for existence is to help you create babies. One of the many ways we’re doing this is through the development of a comprehensive suite of genetic screening and testing based on over 30 years of leading fertility science experience and a series of platforms and instruments which allow us to look at a level of detail thousands of times more specific than ever before.

All of this science and expertise lets us put the power back in your hands. The power to understand the genetic information available about you, your partner and your children and make the best decisions.

We understand that planning to start a family can be a confusing time full of lists to check off and decisions to make.

The majority of pregnancies result in the birth of a healthy baby. However, some pregnancies can have chromosome abnormalities and can result in miscarriage or the birth of a baby affected by a genetic condition. At Genea, it’s our policy that doctors recommend carrier testing for multiple recessive conditions including SMA, Fragile X and Cystic Fibrosis. Any pre-treatment testing is determined by clinicians, taking into account patient history.

Genea’s suite of genetic tests can provide you with vital information during fertility treatment (GeneSure) or once you are pregnant to help you make the best decisions for you and your family. 

Our comprehensive genetic screening suite includes preconception testing through to first trimester screening (GeneSyte) and is performed on site, giving you a continuity of care which is essential during your journey to parenthood. It can be helpful to discuss these tests with your doctor or counsellor.


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