GeneSure - PGD / PGS

Genea’s full in-house GeneSure technology offers a faster way to a baby. And it’s more affordable than you think.

We all want a healthy baby, one who grows into a healthy child. Unfortunately, in some cases it’s not always how things turn out. Certain genetic conditions can cause birth defects or start to show up as a child develops and certain factors, such as knowing you have a family history of a genetic disease or being of advanced maternal age, can also increase the likelihood of your baby being affected. Genea’s world leading GeneSure Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) and Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) is a way of reducing or removing that risk.

Can we benefit from Genea’s GeneSure?

This is recommended for you if you:

or your partner are affected by or carry a known genetic disease
are of advanced maternal age
have had recurrent miscarriages
have had a number of failed embryo transfers
want to prevent the transmission of a sex-linked genetic disease
are likely to develop multiple embryos of equal appearance.

In Australia, Genea lead the way in investigating and developing PGD in Australia and our expertise and techniques are amongst the best in the world. They first launched chromosome testing of embryos in 1995 and expanded that treatment to offering single gene testing in 1998. You can learn more about Genea’s world leading PGD expertise on our PGD success rates page.

PGD at Genea Vs other Australian and New Zealand Clinics

How does GeneSure enhance my IVF cycle?

In a standard IVF treatment, every time a cycle produces more than one embryo, our Embryologists must make a choice about which embryo will be transferred. That choice is determined by the development and appearance of the embryos, usually over a five day period.

With Genea’s GeneSure technology, our scientists analyse your embryos using advanced scientific techniques to assess their genetic make-up and therefore rule out embryos that contain an obvious genetic abnormality. This assessment can involve either a count of the chromosomes in each embryo and/or a molecular examination for a particular gene or mutation, these factors ultimately decide the health and potential of a pregnancy and any resulting baby.

PGD/PGS with Genea’s GeneSure technology can maximise the potential of a genetically normal embryo being selected, implanting successfully, carrying and delivering a baby.

If you’re considering IVF, GeneSure could be an important part of the equation.

To ensure more people can access GeneSure - Australia’s most successful PGD technology - Genea is offering a unique pricing option. Testing through Genea’s exclusive genetic technology suite will start at $800 per embryo tested (as of January 2017). 

GeneSure can maximise the potential of a genetically normal embryo being selected, implanting successfully, carrying and delivering a baby in a single cycle. If you would like more information please call and speak with one of our Fertility Advisors or discuss your options with your Fertility Specialist.