Fertility GP

Need help but not ready to see a specialist?

If you’re ready to start your family or if you've already been trying to conceive but not having any luck, an early, accurate diagnosis of any underlying medical issues is important. It will help you choose the right path to conception – a natural approach, a medical approach or an integrated, holistic combination of approaches.

At Genea’s Kent Street clinic in Sydney we have a unique service to help you investigate without taking what we understand can be a big step - seeing a Fertility Specialist. Genea’s Fertility GP offers a Free Fertility Assessment* to help you take the first steps to investigate and understand your fertility. We developed this service as we know GPs have to be across so many different areas of medicine that it’s difficult for them have detailed expertise in all of them - hence our focused Fertility GP.

For more information call 1300 497 229 or book a Fertility Assessment* online now.

In the CBD - Dr Helen Demetriou
Outside the CBD

No out-of-pocket consultation available for Medicare eligible patients and is for initial consultation only. Appointments are available at our Sydney Kent Street clinic.