Male Infertility

The #1 piece of advice our patients pass on to people trying to conceive is to ask for help earlier. Genea's Fertility Specialists are experts in helping people conceive and seeing one is not a fast track to IVF - in fact we help more than 50% our patients have a baby with fertility treatments other than IVF.


It might not seem like it when you’re climbing out of bed to attend a first birthday party for the third Sunday in a row, but infertility is actually quite common in Australia. One in six Australian couples will experience some form of infertility during their relationship - that’s at least two guys from your football team or about five people from your high school maths class.

But fertility in men isn’t really something you talk about with your mates is it? So much of how society rates you as a man is wrapped up in ideas of virility. Advertising bombards you with images of men as all conquering players … on horses. So what do you do when it’s not working and your partner isn’t getting pregnant - despite your best efforts?

The first thing to remember is that you’re not alone.

Males fertility statistics information 

As we said above, infertility is experienced by one in six couples and the cause is just as likely to be complications with the man as it is to be the woman. 

On your side of things, the main causes of fertility problems in men are:

The reasons behind these three causes are usually fairly easy to work out and your Genea Fertility Specialist or, if you live in the Sydney area, Genea's Fertility GP can conduct some simple tests to find out why.

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