Male tests

The first step in understanding what's happening with your sperm and finding out why it might not be performing the way you'd like is to conduct a semen analysis.

This area of medicine is called Andrology and it’s essentially the male equivalent of gynaecology. Genea’s andrology diagnostic services are world class with processes and procedures which match World Health Organisation standards and, in some cases, are not conducted anywhere else in the country. In fact, Australia's first sperm microinjection pregnancies were achieved at Genea in 1989 and since then we have maintained our position as experts in treating male infertility.

Testing for male infertility is a very straightforward process and the basic analysis of your semen will examine three factors:

  •     Sperm count - the number of sperm per ml of ejaculate;
  •     Sperm motility - the sperm's ability to swim; and
  •     Sperm morphology - the shape and size of the sperm.

Getting Started

To better understand if male factor fertility could be a reason you are not successfully conceiving, we encourage you to get some answers. A simple sperm test is a great way of finding out if your partner needs tests and the information will help you understand your situation and what next steps to take a little better.

To organise this, make a booking online or click onto the tab on the right.

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