Sperm analysis and male infertility

The good news for blokes is that many of the sperm conditions affecting your fertility are preventable or reversible.

Here’s a fact for you; the lifecycle of sperm is 74-76 days. In other words, it takes somewhere between that long for new sperm to be produced and fully mature. This can be quite good news for men who are looking to conceive with their partner, as it means a little over two months of clean living may help you produce healthier, better quality sperm - sperm that’s capable of helping you and your partner become pregnant. 

That said, in many cases where male infertility is diagnosed, there are no obvious signs of a problem. Usually, you’ll be able to have sex, maintain erections and ejaculate without difficulty and the quantity and appearance of your ejaculated semen can appear normal. 

Read on to find out more about the symptoms, the science and the solutions.

The Symptoms
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Sperm Analysis
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