Melonie and Tyson's Story


I was only 23 when I realised something was wrong, so my partner and I booked into a clinic in Canada. We had all the tests, and were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. We tried four months of Clomid® before moving onto IUI (inter uterine insemination) and we fell pregnant on our first try! We moved to Australia halfway through my pregnancy and delivered a baby girl into the world in June 2011.

In May 2012 we decided we wanted to try for another baby, we wanted our children to be close in age so I called the Genea Fertility Speacialist's office and booked in. Because I had all the tests done previously, I didn’t have to do too much in the way of further tests. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism so had to get that under control and in September we decided to do our first IUI. We did have high expectations as it happened so quick with our daughter. Well no luck, so after another failed round my husband and I sat down and decided to put our money towards IVF as the success rate was higher. I was 27 by now and my husband was almost 30 so we were hoping our age would help us.

IVF Cycle

In December 2012 we started our first IVF cycle. At my third follicle scan and blood test it was decided that my body was not reacting to the drugs like it was supposed to, so we cancelled our cycle before egg collection and decided to try again in the new year with a different drug cycle recommended by our Genea Fertility Specialist. This time the drugs were working and the day of my second scan I was called and told when my egg collection would be. I was excited and nervous. We ended up with 11 mature eggs, 7 fertilised and by day 5 I had one perfect blastocyst to transfer. I was excited to have one but also sad that we had none to freeze but we were reassured that not everyone gets ‘’frosties’’. The daily phone calls after egg collection were hard but not as hard as the 8 days till your pregnancy blood test!



Well, I snuck a home test the morning of my scheduled blood test and two perfect pink lines showed up! Even though it was about 4am I woke up my husband because I was so thrilled!! First round worked!!! We had our 8 week scan and everything was perfect! I booked in with my  obstetrician and went to meet him at 11 weeks. He did a quick scan in the room and as soon as I could see the screen I couldn’t see a little flicker. I knew then that he was going to deliver bad news. He sent me upstairs to a better machine and it was confirmed that our baby had stopped growing at around 9 weeks and I had a missed miscarriage. I booked in for the next
day to have a curette. That was April 2013.

We went on holidays in June, and then in July we decided we would give it another shot. But, I had other medical issues I was dealing with and day 3 into the nasal spray we decided to push it back to give us a better chance as I was on a lot of different antibiotics. So we went back in September 2013 and at egg collection we had 16 mature eggs, 8 fertilised and on day 5 we had one to transfer and possibly two to freeze. The transfer was a bit tricky this time and the only thing we can think of is possible scar tissue from the curette. I think I knew from the next day that this was a no go.

Embryo Transfer


Well sure enough test day came and a big fat negative. We were gutted but we also had two frosties. We decided to go straight away for a frozen transfer, I felt good about it as I was lucky enough to be able to do a completely natural cycle with no drugs. I went in for transfer and this time it went smoothly. I snuck a test the day before test day and it was positive!! We were thrilled but extremely cautious. The only person we told was my mum and kept measuring 4 days behind dates. A week later our baby was measuring only one day behind so we were relieved. I had a hard time letting myself get excited as I had no signs of my last miscarriage and I don’t get pregnancy symptoms!

But at Christmas this year we decided to tell the rest of our families! We are now 14 weeks along and looking very forward to welcoming a baby into the world in July 2014, just in time for us to go to Canada for my sister’s wedding in September. IVF is one of the hardest things, but with all the lovely staff at Genea it made our experience so much easier! The nurses, reception ladies, and doctors are fantastic and always remember you! Having fertility issues is hard but the outcome at the end is more than worth it!