Introducing Grow by Genea

Genea’s science and technology have played a part in bringing over 800,000 babies into the world. In our labs, Gavi and Geri are new family members already helping to create yours. And now with the arrival of our next new family member, Grow, your experience is more personalised than ever before.

Designed around you, Genea’s personalised approach to fertility treatment and revolutionary embryo viewing technology mean that for the first time you can have 24/7 access to those precious moments, every step of the way.

Grow is an Australian first app for your smartphone or tablet which will give you photos and videos of your embryo as it grows and develops in the Genea lab and make it easy for you to share these amazing photos and videos with your family and friends.

What our patients have said about Grow

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"Getting to see the videos of our embryos was the most magical experience. It personalised a process that can feel quite medical and helped us and our family to understand what exactly was going on each step of the way. I felt so much more connected and aware having the videos to watch – what a beautiful service to offer."
"Grow allows you to feel more connected with the IVF process and the embryos. We were really excited and intrigued watching the embryos grow and develop. It’s another amazing touch point that Genea have created so you are more informed and involved."

Grow by Genea™ is your personal path to parenthood and it begins right here

World first app for your iPhone or Android device
Available exclusively at Genea
Part of every IVF or ICSI cycle at no extra cost
Keeping you in touch with every precious moment

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