2WW (Two Week Wait)

After your fertility treatment, once all the stages of your cycle have been completed, there's nothing more to be done than wait for the time to pass before your results - whether or not you've fallen pregnant - are known. Well known in forums and online as the dreaded Two Week Wait (2WW), this downtime can be trying and stressful after so much forward activity during your treatment.

A pregnancy test is not reliable until 16 days after your egg collection. This can be the most nerve-racking time of the whole treatment cycle and we understand it can feel like a lifetime. Many people will feel simultaneously elated (there's a new chance of pregnancy) and deflated (there is much less to do compared with before the egg retrieval, there is less information and, unless you have specific questions, there is much less contact with people at the clinic).

Because you've been focusing on your body for the past four weeks (or more), you'll notice and analyse every twinge, symptom or sensation.

Genea's Counsellors, Nurse Coordinators and your Fertility Specialists are all available to support you during this time and we have a range of tools and programs to help you cope.