Your team

We understand the emotional investment made when you consider and then decide to go ahead with assisted conception.

 It can be intensely personal and can become all consuming. You obviously know your own situation inside out and you want the people who are going to help you to understand your circumstances too.

Because of this, you'll have your own Genea accredited Fertility Specialist and you'll be assigned a small, dedicated team of Nurse Coordinators, Scientists and Patient Relationship Coordinators.

Your Genea Nurse Coordinators can answer your questions, guide you through all the clinical aspects of your treatment and liaise on your behalf with your Genea Fertility Specialist.

Your Patient Relationship Coordinators will help you with everything else – things like Medicare claims, making appointments, even where to park and you'll speak with the Scientists involved with your cycle once they have your precious embryos in their care.

You will also be given a number you can call to ask your questions and, should you need it, an emergency number you can call after hours, seven days a week. There's more information on when to call listed below.