Fertility Awareness

Change the Conversation

The World Health Organisation predicts that infertility will be the third most serious health condition after cancer and cardiovascular disease in the 21st Century.

And yet, despite this prominence, it is still a topic many of us find near impossible to discuss with family or friends.

Here at Genea we regularly see the consequences of that reluctance and the perceived stigma which people feel exists in society. Almost daily, couples come in to speak with us about their struggle to conceive and nine out of 10 of them say they wish they’d known to seek help and advice earlier.

Our wish is to change the conversation about fertility, to educate and normalise it, making sure Australians have the knowledge and information they need to maximise the potential of having a baby - whenever that might be.

One way we are looking to do this is through awareness campaigns. However, to raise awareness we first must find out just what Australia knows about fertility, so in 2014 we launched the Australian Fertility Census to help us do just that.

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Fertility Census