I think it's his fault we're not getting pregnant

While most of us know male infertility exists, many people are surprised to find out that it accounts for 40 per cent of all fertility problems between couples. Yep, that’s right – two in five.

Get the test over & done with

Male infertility is usually down to a lack of sperm, abnormally shaped sperm, or sperm that can’t swim well enough. All these things can be measured with a simple test. It’s a little awkward, sure, but at Genea we conduct these tests every day so we know how to minimise embarrassment. In fact, at Genea we have the most advanced in-house Andrology (that’s sperm) testing in Australia for a more accurate and faster diagnosis. And, if there does turn out to be a problem, we can work with you to figure out a solution.

If your man is reluctant to get tested, it’s worth seeing a counsellor together – after all, having a baby is a big commitment, and you do need to be in this together from the start. If he’s freaking out about a sperm test, how will he feel about other more serious issues and procedures that could lie ahead?

The lifestyle stuff

Some couples do experience unexplained infertility (when all the tests look fine but there’s still no baby). This can be incredibly frustrating as there’s no obvious answer. If your partner needs a hand getting fit, improving his diet or chilling out, this could be the answer. Our counsellors are experienced in handling the issues that tend to affect men the most, like doubt, frustration and feelings of inadequacy. It might help him to have a chat to someone – and if things are getting you down, it’ll almost certainly help you to do the same.