I'm in a same-sex relationship and we want to have kids

At Genea, we firmly believe everyone has the right to become a parent whether they’re gay or straight – and we love helping make it happen.

If you’ve just decided to go down this road, you may be wondering how it all works. Basically, the process will depend on your situation, but there are a few things you’ll probably need to know about.

The sperm thing

It’s stating the obvious, but if you’re a lesbian couple you’ll need donor sperm to make a baby happen. At Genea, our policy is that you need to know your sperm donor, as we believe everyone has a right to know their genetic history (if they want to).

That said, your donor doesn’t have to be a close friend – we don’t all have the luxury of knowing someone appropriate who’s willing to volunteer! You can even recruit a donor from an ad, as long as you’ve met and have exchanged contact details. Whoever you enlist, it does have to be a donation as buying sperm is illegal in Australia.

Should you have other curly questions around donor sperm, like disease and viability testing, and how insemination works, ask us or ask a Genea Fertility Specialist.

The egg thing

For gay couples, finding an egg donor is usually the first issue. Donating eggs can be quite an intense process, as the donor undergoes hormone treatment which requires a commitment of time and energy. For that reason, we make counselling a mandatory part of the egg donation process.

In most cases, an egg donor will be someone the couple knows – it may be a sister or a friend. In other cases, the donor is someone in the community who wants to help others have kids for altruistic reasons.

The same often goes for a surrogate. When you’re at the point of seeking a donor or surrogate, Genea can give you some good advice.

…and everything else?

There’s no doubt having kids as a gay couple isn’t as straightforward as it can be for straight couples but the good news is, Genea has helped many same-sex couples achieve their dreams of starting a family, and we’re here to advise and support you at every stage.

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