I'm single and clucky. Can I do this on my own?

Life doesn’t always deliver us the perfect partner at the right time. If you’re single but still yearning to have a baby, you’re not alone – and it is possible. You’ll just need to consider a few things first.

Let’s talk single parenting

There are obvious technicalities involved with having kids solo. But, assuming the getting pregnant part works, are you prepared for the next 18+ years? Raising kids alone is not for the faint hearted, and you’ll need to think hard about whether you’re set up to support a family … and who will be there to support you. Think about extended family, friends and finances. Talking to a counsellor can help get things straight in your head.

Age is a real factor

You probably know this, but it gets harder for women to conceive naturally as time goes on. If you’re 35+, we recommend coming to see a Genea Fertility Specialist as your first step. If nothing else, this can help you determine your own fertility status and ensure you use time wisely. We can also talk you through your options for having a baby sans partner.

The technical stuff

This may be pointing out the obvious, but if you’re a single woman you’re going to need donor sperm. At Genea, our policy is that you need to know your donor as we believe kids are entitled to have access to their heritage down the track. They will need to come into the clinic with you for counselling before you get started. 

It might turn out that you need to consider other things like donor eggs and surrogacy. And of course, once you have eggs and sperm sorted, there’s the small matter of getting them together to make a baby! You can read more about the nitty gritty of assisted conception here. But honestly, with all the options out there, we think it’s best to have it explained in person. After all, the choices available to you will depend on your situation. We have regular donor information nights so it may help to register for a session and find out more.

Other ways to go

Don’t forget that there are other ways to become a parent apart from having your own child. Adoption and foster parenting are both incredibly valuable and rewarding paths to take.