I'm worried about the cost of IVF

Ask around, and most people will tell you that IVF is ridiculously expensive. It’s a tough one, like any health service, IVF costs money but if you’re thinking it’ll be completely out of reach financially, you may be happily surprised by how affordable it really is.

In the United States, that cost could be between $20,000 - $30,000 - per cycle, that’s where many misconceptions about the expense of IVF come from. Many other countries don’t subsdise the costs of IVF or only cover a small number, like one cycle in the UK. Australia is generous by comparison.

What you can expect to pay

The overall cost of IVF will depend on your individual situation. For most people, the first step will be to come and see a Genea Fertility Specialist. While their fees are a few hundred dollars, you can claim the maximum Medicare rebate by getting a referral from your GP (in both of your names if you’re a couple). You may also need to have some tests done, but there’s a Medicare rebate for these too.

The average out-of-pocket cost of a standard IVF cycle with Genea is usually under $4,000. This includes everything from your cycle ultrasounds and blood tests, to standard medications and counselling. In comparison to other clinics, Genea as a full service clinic is surprisingly reasonable - and you don’t need to make an upfront payment either.

Effective = cost effective

When thinking about money, it’s important to think about effectiveness. It’s a value equation and it’s in our interest to provide you with value for money. The more IVF cycles you need, the more you’ll pay – so it’s worth coming to a clinic where you have the greatest chance of success. And it’s not just the financial cost of the treatment that you need to take into consideration - IVF can be tough on you and your partner physically and emotionally so you want to minimise the number of cycles you need to achieve a healthy baby.

At Genea, patients have a better success of taking home a healthy baby. And a review of our patients between 2010 and 2013 showed 60 per cent (across all ages) gave birth to a healthy baby and 96 per cent of those patients who were successful, conceived within three egg collections or less.*

At Genea, it’s all the big things - like our superior science and technology - and the little things - like better timing and care - that add up and make a difference.

We confidently stand behind our success rates and care to provide you with the best chance if you need to undertake treatment.

For a full breakdown of our fees, and more info about payment options, give us a call or view our indicative rate card. We’re always happy to talk things through - you are not alone.

*A study of a subset of Genea’s non-PGD patients whose first OPU was in 2010-11 and with success achieved in a cycle commenced prior to 30 June 2013

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